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Those IT Contractors Working in Your Office - What Are They Up to? A Pub Tale in Two Parts: Part 1 - The Business Side

Here's the scenario. You're Steve, an IT project manager for Beta Corporation. You convinced your CFO to hire Acme, a local software development company, to embed four of their guys on your premises to help your overworked IT staff create the Next Big Thing software application. The application will use data from your network. But you're worried about giving Acme's guys access to your network! It has a lot of confidential business information, including customer data. You wonder about the business and legal precautions needed to protect your valuable data. The Acme CEO tells you that everything is fine without a contract (other than Acme's Statement of Work that you signed last week and the NDA that Acme signed when the project went out for bids).

Fortunately, you know a savvy information technology lawyer, Bosco, and decide to pick his brain during a few beers Friday after work at Brewery Vivant in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You are drinking  the Undertaker, a smoky B…