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Showing posts from October 30, 2016

The BUSKLAW November Newsletter: Winning the "Battle of the Forms"

In my October post, we talked about the peril of a buyer ignoring the seller's "terms and conditions" in a sale of defective blueberries from Michigan growers. I suggested that the buyer could have prepared a "sales acknowledgment" to send to the seller along with the signed offer acceptance. This approach could have negated the seller's terms and conditions that contained numerous risk-shifting provisions skewing the deal in seller's favor. These provisions included restrictions that limited buyer's remedies if seller breached (which happened), mandatory jurisdiction and venue in seller's home town, and the requirement that the losing party in any court dispute pay the winning party's actual attorney fees, a provision that resulted in the buyer's payment of big bucks to the seller's lawyers.   

Lawyers have an ominous name for this scenario: the "battle of the forms." Generally, this battle occurs when contracting parties: