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Those IT Contractors Working in Your Office - What Are They Up to? A Pub Tale in Two Parts: Part 2 - The Legal Side

When we last left our two IT professionals - Steve the IT manager at Beta Corporation and Bosco the IT lawyer - they were at Brewery Vivant, discussing the business precautions that should be taken when Acme Software's contractors are developing the Next Big Thing software program for Beta Corporation. After downing a modest number of Undertaker ales, the guys now talk about a contract between Acme (the software developer) and Beta (its customer)

Bosco: I suggest that Beta have a Software Development and Services Contract with Acme.

Steve: That sounds like big bucks in legal fees! And what if Acme refuses to sign it? 

Bosco: If Acme is a reputable software development company and is interested in keeping Beta as a customer, they should have no problem signing a contract of this nature with a minimum of negotiation. They've probably signed similar contracts with other clients! About my fee to prepare this contract, because I've drafted similar contracts for other clients and…