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The BUSKLAW November Newsletter: The Perils of DIY Contract Drafting

Do you need a contract for your business? What if you don't have a lawyer to call for that? Do you jump on the Web, go to the first DIY legal site that Google brings up, select a form that sounds right, download it for a fee, fill in the blanks, and hope for the best? Or do you find an old contract that your lawyer drafted for a similar deal and just change the parties' names, the date, the business information, and send it to the other side for signature? 

Congratulations! You went the "instantly create a contract" route! Who needs a lawyer when you already have a contract form that seems OK? You saved your company money that can now be put into the office Christmas party fund. You aren't even a lawyer, but you're a smart cookie - C Suite material for certain. So don't be afraid to shop for an expensive toy - like that Tesla Model X with the handy bio-weapon defense mode.

But don't sign that check to Tesla just yet. Instead, make sure that you have you…