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The BUSKLAW July Newsletter: The "Inside Baseball" Business Litigation Stupid Strategy Post

There's baseball and there's inside baseball. The former brings to mind Detroit Tigers baseball and the legendary Ernie Harwell. In the early 60s, my father and I would camp out on our porch during the summer months and listen to Ernie's play-by-play over the recently-invented portable transistor radio. Late games were punctuated by euphonious crickets and frogs, some of whom resided in or around our cement-pond swimming pool. This chorus - combined with Ernie's sonorous narrative - often sent me off to dreamland. 

But "inside baseball" is different. The term implies knowing something that is beyond ordinary understanding. Esoteric even. More effort is required to grasp "inside baseball" information, but the payoff is greater: you become smarter! So bear with me.

This blog has often cited business cases decided by Kent County (MI) Circuit Court Judge Christopher Yates. Judge Yates not only writes opinions with brevity and wit; he's a modest soul w…