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The BUSKLAW July Newsletter: Mitigating the Things that System Administrators Hate About IT Vendors

I just finished the excellent article "13 Things System Administrators Hate About IT Vendors" by Jeff James at Petri IT Knowledgebase. Here are those 13 pain points:

Sales reps who don't know their own products.Over promise, meet under deliver.It's a software problem! No, it's a hardware problem!One size fits all documentation.Vanishing support after the sale.Putting down other vendors.Configuration fails.Outsourced telephone tech support.Customer-hostile online support.Abusing a monopoly position.Throwing [system] admins under the bus to make a sale.Getting what you pay for.Clueless consultants.Good news! Well-drafted contract documents between the IT vendor and customer can mitigate many of these issues. Here's how:
First, the customer should base its selection of an IT vendor on the vendor's written response to a carefully-prepared Request for Proposal ("RFP"). In my experience, IT customers don't spend enough time in preparing their RFPs. …