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The BUSKLAW August Newsletter: Clean Out Those Cobwebs in Your Contracts!

Cobwebs are subtle signs of neglect. Although supposedly spider-generated, I swear that they appear out of thin air.They sneak into attics, ceiling corners, under sinks, and in the guts of your personal computer. But they can also lurk in your contracts, figuratively speaking. August is the perfect time to pause your hectic pace (perhaps while your tireless first assistant is enjoying a rare vacation), open your contracts file cabinet, and clean out the cobwebs in your contracts.

Before we discuss the cobwebs to search for and destroy, you may respond, "but I don't have a contracts file cabinet - all my contracts are stored digitally on my computer." Wrong approach! It makes good sense to print out your contracts and put them in a physical (dustproof) file folder that is then stored in a physical (fireproof and locked) file cabinet. Does this sound old-fashioned? Consider the established fact that reading text on paper has several advantages to reading text on a screen, a…