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The BUSKLAW September Newsletter: The Two Essential Questions to Include in Your RFP

Does your company use RFPs (Requests for Proposal) in finding vendors for information technology products? RFPs are an essential part of the technology acquisition process. Some companies provide their RFP - and the vendor's response to it - to their attorney tasked to legally document the deal only after the vendor is informally awarded the project. The company attorney may not even be a part of the RFP process.  This practice is unwise. To be effective, your company's IT business team should work closely with your attorney to create a comprehensive RFP designed to obtain detailed information - not only about the prospective vendor'ssolution, but also about the vendor itself.

In my experience, every RFP should contain the following two questions for the vendor:

1.Have any of your customers or former customers terminated a contract before the engagement was completed? If yes, please explain and specify the contact names and phone numbers of these customers. 

2. Please provide…