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The BUSKLAW February Newsletter: You Just Received an Unsolicited Product Idea from a Customer - Now What?

At any time (but typically at 4:55 p.m. on a Friday afternoon before a long weekend), you or another senior manager at your company will receive an enthusiastic voicemail, email, or tweet like this:

Hi [name]: I'm one of your best customers! I've been buying your widgets for the last 40 years. Recently, I thought of a way you could enhance your product line with a new widget, one that does "X" and looks like "Y." Please call me at XXXXXXXXXX to learn more!  Or visit my website: where I have a mock-up of my widget. You won't be sorry! Let's get rich together!

"Hmm," you think. "This guy could be on to something. I should contact him and learn what he has in mind." Or, more likely: "we thought of a new widget like this years ago and rejected it."

This may sound harsh, but engaging with a person (not your employee or contractor) over their idea for a new product (whether the product is tangible or inta…