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The BUSKLAW October Newsletter: Two Cases Show How Disrespecting Contract Mechanics Can Cut Both Ways!

I'm a big fan of the "mechanics" profession. From the mechanic who keeps your vehicle from breaking down amidst a polar vortex to the HVAC person who makes sure that your home stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter, honest mechanics prevent unpleasant circumstances.  

The same is true for the "mechanical" aspects of contracts, including the proper choice of the contracting party and ensuring that the right party signed the final version of the contract that was then signed by the other party, with both parties keeping a signed and dated version of the same contract. When contract mechanics are "dissed," litigation is likely, with a judge or jury having to sort things out - with far from predictable results. 

Two recent court cases illustrate this point: the Texas appeals court case of Austin Tapas, LP, d/b/a Malaga Tapas & Bar and Greg Schnurr v. Performance Food Group, Inc.and the Delaware case of Stacey Kotler v. Shipman Associates, LLC.