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The BUSKLAW March Newsletter: Don't Use "Form" Contracts!

I have a confession: I'm an office-supply-store junkie. I love to browse the shelves brimming with multi-colored pens, pencils, file folders, legal pads, rubber bands, and paper clips. (Yes, paper clips - the gold ones are especially snazzy!) And I love the snacks that you can buy in bulk, especially Twizzlers. Because if you brought that decorative low-fat snack back to your office, your colleagues would praise you for giving them something tasty that also satisfies the common urge to relieve stress by chewing things

But there's a dark side to office supply stores: they sell form contracts. The fill-in-the-blank, "one-size-fits-all" kind. (The General Agreement is my Bizarro-World favorite; then again, as Shakespeare said, "What's in a Name?"

There are several reasons why using off-the-shelf legal form contracts is ill-advised:

1. You don't know if the form contract complies with your State's law. Even if a form is labeled "suitable for u…