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The BUSKLAW January Newsletter: I'm Presenting at the Embedded GR Meetup on January 25!

Organizers of the Embedded GR IT group invited me to attend their next meeting to discuss the legal aspects of folks working as independent contractors on IT engagements. Although my experience in this field has been on the "other side of the table" (i.e., representing businesses hiring these contractors), I do have some thoughts on what contractors should - from a legal view - NOT agree to. 
Embedded GR is a group of engineers, hobbyists, students, and managers in the Grand Rapids, MI area. They discuss the development, tooling, and processes associated with the creation of embedded systems.

I appreciate the opportunity to share my legal expertise with this group. Much of what I say will apply to all contractors working on projects for employers, regardless of whether their work relates to embedded systems. So if you are a contractor (doing work of any sort), you may want to attend to get my take on what you should avoid (or at least push back on) when signing a contractor ag…