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The BUSKLAW Newsletter: What We Discussed in 2018

'Tis the week before Xmas and a good time to look back on the topics that we covered in 2018. So have some eggnog (or a nice Pinot Noir), play this Xmas music, and let's reminisce: 

>January: we reviewed recent cases proving that in a contract, every word has meaning.
>February: we discussed the best response when you receive an unsolicited product idea from a customer.
>March: we pondered the scenario of whether a disgruntled buyer of a haunted house can sue and get some relief.
>April: we examined the effect of an "immortal soul clause" buried in a website's terms and conditions.
>May: we discovered that mere pressure to sign a contract isn't sufficient to void the contract for duress.
>June: No post - on family business.
>July: We found out what happens when you horse around with non-compete clauses.
>August: No post - on family business.
>September: We determined what you can do about lawyers who use goofy words.
>October: We sussed ou…