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March 2015 Newsletter Addendum: How I Practice Law

I've created a monthly newsletter each month since last September - they are archived on the sidebar to the right of this page. I hope that you find the topics relevant to your business. But it has dawned on me that the newsletters don't touch on a subject that you may find interesting: how I practice law. So, let's remedy that:

Unlike many lawyers, I write - and revise - contracts in plain language (or "plain English," which is the same concept - just a bit more ethnocentric). The arguments for drafting contracts are stated in the articles that I wrote for the January and February, 2015 issues of the Michigan Bar Journal. (The links to these articles are also on the sidebar.) There is no good excuse for legal jargon. I try to be responsive to my clients. If a client calls or emails me and if I'm not immediately available, I try to answer within 24 hours with a substantive response (rather than simply, "I received your email and will look into it").