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The BUSKLAW February Newsletter: Just the Fax Ma’am

As a kid, I was impressed by how Detective Joe Friday (Jack Webb) in the television show Dragnet could calm even the most upset witness to a heinous criminal act with his deadpan, “Just the facts, ma’am.”  I resolved that I too would use the same tone of voice to calm my mother when she stridently decided that summer mornings were better spent doing household chores (or confronting the piano) than watching the daily 9 AM “Early Show” on Channel 8 with such classic films as A Night at the Opera, Twelve O’Clock High, and Stagecoach

Did this strategy work? Let’s just say that Joe Friday's detached tone of voice worked a lot better for Joe Friday than 9-year-old Chaddie Busk trying to convince his mother (a formidable lady who has since leveled up) that the Early Show was indeed worth watching and that the chores - and practicing the dreaded piano - could wait.

But I digress. As a contracts lawyer, we now ponder the weighty question in the AdamsDrafting Blog of whether, in a contract…